Welcome to Livsknubs

Livsknubs can be translated to something like Bumps of Life. My name is Øystein Rist and I am passionate about life; to bring more life into our lives.

For me, therapy and personal development are two sides of the same coin; it is a way to work with oneself in an authentic way. The need may be acute as when a crisis hits you, it could be a chronic feeling of dissatisfaction, or it could be a wish for developing yourself mentally and personally.

I believe many life crises are in fact invitations; invitations for personal development or personal growth. Maybe in a bit harsh way, and still invitations. From ourselves, to ourselves. Our bodies find a way to get our attention, a way to flag something important that needs your attention.

Gestalt can be a valuable way to work with oneself, no matter what the struggle in life is. I am especially interested in:

  • Personal crisis;
    • Midlife crisis
    • Couple crisis
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Loss
  • Loneliness;
    • Especially the feeling of loneliness despite the fact that you are in a relationship
  • A feeling of emptiness;
    • “There’s gotta be more to life than this”
  • A wish for personal development and a curiosity on;
    • Personal patterns and unexploited possibilities
    • How do you influence and being influenced by other people
    • How do you create or avoid authentic presence
    • Possible new paths in your life

None of us goes through life without getting some smaller and bigger bumps and knocks, and they are part of making us who we are today. I believe the scratches and bruises we get are part of the formation of the patterns we have, and they are also seeds for growth. They give us an offset to personal development and personal growth. By processing these patterns, which often can be perceived as counter-productive, they may be turned into wisdom, not just experiences.

Gestalt means "a whole" and for me it is about being whole human beings. Sometimes we need us to look into the pain we carry with us. In my experience, it is exactly behind this pain, behind the anger, behind all these small impulses we tend to hold back, that the key to more lifefullness is. And it is this process of finding the key I can support you in. Your own key to more aliveness in your life.

I offer:  Individual Therapy  •  Couples Therapy  •  Therapy Groups / Theme Groups  •  Coaching